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The OPMO Solution

Lets make it faster, better,
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OPMO improves the user experience and business performance by providing optimized view of horizontal processes and real-time business intelligence.

Whether you are in office or on the road, OPMO delivers powerful dashboards to keep a tab on the operations and get the work done by seamlessly integrating with the back-end IT applications and data sources. The ease of use of the visual dashboards and optimized processes enable your teams to accelerate user adoption and improve productivity. OPMO makes the enterprise more efficient by optimizing workflow, tailoring the IT application experience without ever touching underlying application code.

Improve User Experience

OPMO delivers intuitive, graphics-based screens for any desktop or mobile device to replace the disparate and unfriendly transactional screens of underlying applications. This allows our clients to simplify the transaction execution, streamline processes, shrink the learning curve, reduce training costs, and accelerates user adoption. OPMO makes the enterprise more efficient by optimizing workflow, tailoring the technology experience for virtually any user role or transaction, and seamlessly managing the transactional data across multiple underlying databases, without ever touching the code in other IT applications.

The result is a single point user interface with screens that are appealing and friendly to every user in the enterprise (regardless of experience).

uxerp screen
uxerp screen

Easy To Integrate

OPMO is architected for simple and fast integration to SAP and other enterprise applications by using common APIs. For clients using SAP, the OPMO user interface framework aligns with SAP's Business Suite design and OPMO platform is delivered as a composite application and fits seamlessly within SAP's layered architecture.

Because OPMO requires no code changes in the underlying applications, it provides a low risk, accelerated method to overcoming the difficult to manage functions within SAP and other enterprise applications. The real impact that OPMO provides is measured by the general satisfaction of your end user community.

What You Gain from OPMO

OPMO delivers data in a variety of intelligent forms (tabular & graphical formats) which introduce a level of BI capability not found in standard SAP screens or processes. One of the key factors contributing to improved usability is the tailored look and feel that OPMO provides.

Time & Expense

Time Sheet Entry. Time Sheet Approval. Compensation Planning. Performance Management. Succession Planning.


Expense Entry. Expense Approval. SOX Reporting Dashboard. Expense Creation. Expense Analysis.


Procure to Pay. Purchase Order Creation. Purchase Requisition. Non PO Invoice. Vendor Master Management.


Gives utility customers the ability to determine and set usage goals and provides consumption comparisons.

Asset & Work Management

Order to Cash. Sales Order Creation. Sales Quote. Pre-Sales (Trial / Loan Order).

Other Processes

Notifications. UWL (Universal Work List) GRC Reporting Dashboard. Document & Records Management. Workflow Optimizer.

Return on Your Investments

OPMO is the only solution in the marketplace at this price point delivering innovative mobility, UI, and BI functions in one package. OPMO focuses on dramatically improving the experience and productivity of the SAP end-user.

Our team of experts envisioned a Tool that could help user perform the same tasks but in a user friendly way by giving fresh look and feel, unfettered and independent user flexibility. You can build your applications in the context of today's UI run-times, and support it with data and functionality in your back-end SAP systems. Improvised SAP UI can be used by a non-SAP Developer as it is so easy to use with just few clicks.