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User Experience and
Mobile Solution for SAP

No code changes. Plug and Play. Analytics.

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Intuitive plug-and-play platform to improve user experience and business performance by providing optimized view of horizontal processes and real-time business intelligence.

Maximize Your Business Performance

The performance of your business depends on the efficiency of business processes, user engagement with enterprise applications, and availability of the actionable information in real-time for your employees.

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Opmo helps companies become more efficient by addressing all of these issues. Our seamless, plug-and-play platform provides a mobile dashboard for users to execute tasks in a simple and intuitive manner which utilizing the horsepower of your existing enterprise systems without any changes to the underlying applications.

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Improve User Experience


Deliver a personalized, intuitive, and engaging user experience with OPMO's suite of visual dashboards.

Optimize Business Processes


Bring enterprise wide cross-application processes into intuitive role-based dashboards.

Reduce IT costs


Deliver mobility and process improvement with no changes to underlying application code.

Insightful Analytics


Real-Time insights into your operations with intuitive analytics delivered via visual dashboards right in the user's hands.