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Who Are We?

We believe in harnessing the power of cutting edge
mobile, integration, and user experience
technologies to accelerate your business.

We Are IXPSoft

We recognized that a need exists for a software and services company that improves the experience of executives and application users alike, by inspiring them to connect, learn and easily implement and utilize IT applications for the economic benefit of the enterprise

Our OPMO Platform is a composite application framework that enables enterprise application customers to improve the user experience, productivity and execution of the horizontal business processes across multiple underlying systems. OPMO was developed to deliver an intuitive, powerful, and optimized interface for application users to increase operational efficiency and intelligence using visual dashboards of self-defined charts and graphs.

OPMO enables SAP customers to improve user experience, productivity and execution. We have pioneered a solution that is inexpensive to implement and maintain as well as easy to learn and use. We provide the same simplified and improved user interface and associated process enhancements on virtually any mobile device, with no additional developmental effort.

Management Team

Our leadership team is passionate, experienced and dedicated to making OPMO a market leading solution and IXPSoft a prestigious company to work for.

  • Harman Sandhu

    Sr. Vice President / COO

  • Bern Baumgartner

    Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

  • Joe Raszewski

    Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Harman is the Chief Operating Officer at IXPsoft and leads the operations and product strategy. Prior to this he was an accomplished management consultant with over 11 years of experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG where he led the delivery of business strategy and technology consulting services to Fortune 1000 clients. Harman holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Sciences from Panjab University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of California, Irvine.

Bern Baumgartner is an accomplished enterprise software executive with over 20 years of sales and management experience. With over 12 years as a direct employee of SAP Bern served multiple industries and various roles including vice president of sales, director of channel sales, account executive and pre-sales leader. Baumgartner serves as a faculty member of the business school at Golden West College teaching marketing, finance and application systems management.

Joe Raszewski has over 25 years of distinguished sales and management experience in the high-tech industry. Past accomplishments include over 15 years as an employee of IBM & IBM Global Business Services in various direct, channel and consulting service sales and business development roles. Joe spent nearly 10 years successfully executing go-to-market and strategic alliance programs for enterprise software companies including SAP and Clarify (CRM) software. Before joining IXPSoft, Joe was the national IBM lead for a leading global Packaged Food company with the most extensive and complex global implementations of SAP worldwide.


OPMO has changed the perspective of enterprise application users through effective and efficient screens and helped organizations grow and make faster business decisions. Our continued success in the market has put IXPsoft on an accelerated growth curve.

To get more information on IXPSoft Investor Relations, please contact our team at investors@IXPSoft.com.


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    IXPSoft maintains a strategic partnership with SAP and strives to extend the depth of our joint technology investments, enhance our relationships and extend the breadth of our SAP application support services.


With little incremental investment, our clients have realized large ROI’s while addressing core end-user adoption and cost issues.

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